The Downtown Manchester Holiday Market

DATES!!! The Downtown Manchester Holiday Market This year’s Downtown Holiday Market, sponsored by AARP, will be held on Thursdays, December 5th, 12th and 19th from 10am-5:30pm and Saturday, December 14th, from 9am-2pm inside The Brady Sullivan Plaza at 1000 Elm Street! At each market, there will be over 40 vendors in attendance. Shoppers will… Read more »

Segmented “Antique Long Leaf Pine” snare drum shells

When I tell potential customers “If I can make it out of wood, I’ll build it”, I never envisioned building snare drum shells out of my stash of antique Long Leaf Pine. One day this young gentleman came into my shop and asked me if I could make a segmented snare drum shell out of… Read more »

The Great Bay – Recycled Art Show-Follow up

The Great Bay Recycled Art Show was an absolute winner. We met many new people and possibly new customers. We learned tips on showing at shows and which shows to attend. All in all it was a great (no pun intended) show. Hope to be invited back next year. [slideshow]

200+ Year Old Pub Table

Finally construction is complete. After a few revisions and re-dos on the main pedestal parts I have finally completed the assembly.  See what happens when creativity and schedules collide?  Creativity can sometimes win.  I didn’t like the way the top section of the pedestal turned out. The pedestal is taller or longer than my current… Read more »

I want to hire a custom cabinet maker

I recently viewed a video on (a YouTube type site) that was created to depict how some people view “custom woodworkers”.  In over 14 years of  doing business as NH Accents Fine Crafts, I must admit that a few potential clients have shared this view of what we “custom woodworkers” do.  I have in… Read more »

Document Box

Okay it has been a long time since our last blog , but we finally we have something to show for all the hard work  de-nailing and moving those big beams.  I know it is not a Greene and Greene,  but I build what clients ask for.  Last but not least, that is what pays… Read more »

Recycling 159 Year Old Timbers-Off to the sawmill

Okay it has been almost a year since we received the beams.  Lack of time, bad weather and lots of work have kept us from de-nailing the beams. When we had the time it rained. When the weather behaved we were too busy.  My wife had major surgery. She has been a real trooper, these… Read more »

Recycling 159+ Year Old Timbers-Final Delivery

I have been calling these beams 159 year old timbers, but that was the time they were harvested. My research says that these trees were usually 200+ years old when harvested.  That would make these beams anywhere from 250-300 years old.  If there is an arboriculturalist out there that is willing to explain how to… Read more »