Recycling 159 Year Old Timbers-Off to the sawmill

Okay it has been almost a year since we received the beams.  Lack of time, bad weather and lots of work have kept us from de-nailing the beams. When we had the time it rained. When the weather behaved we were too busy.  My wife had major surgery. She has been a real trooper, these beams have been sitting in front of our garage door all this time.

Front of our garage

Finally we have removed all the nails, I hope.  Who needs a gym, when you have to lift, turn and move a dozen 8′ long beams.  We set a date with the saw mill (Olde Time Sawing & Lumber) in New Boston, NH.  Guess what, it RAINED!. We rescheduled for later the same week, it RAINED, AGAIN. Tom at Olde Time Sawing was very patient and very reasonably priced. So we rescheduled for Monday the 4th of October.

And we are off!

It tried to rain, but we prevailed, success at last. Thanks to my son and his friend we loaded the trailer the night before.

Removing the outer layer

Gorgeous quarter sawn long leaf pine

Who ordered the 1

Tom went through 5 band saw blades. Four blades were damaged by nails we missed, even using a high quality metal detector.

One nail and one band saw blade down.

Tom helped us load the trailer one more time.

All sawn up and all aboard!

Although a third of the boards had to be hoisted up to the second floor via the fire escape, due to the limited size of the available elevator. The 1″ thick boards have been stacked and properly sticker-ed along structural beams throughout the shop.  All we have to do now, is to wait for the boards to acclimate.

We have already begun a small prototype piece out of a short white pine beam, that I was able to re-saw with my 14″ band-saw some weeks ago.  We are trying to have the prototype available for the NH Open Doors event on Nov. 6&7. Photos to follow soon.  Additional sawmill photos will be posted on our main web site under the “Photo Galleries” under Pandora Sweater Factory.