Custom, Handmade Bookshelves & Storage

At New Hampshire Accents Fine Crafts, we pride ourselves in listening to the customer’s needs first. NHA will sit down with a potential customer and review their requirements for their new bookcase, built-in or storage unit. Onsite visits are key component to the review process. NHA looks at existing moldings and obstacles, such as narrow doorways, ceiling heights, existing outlets and wall protrusions. Is this custom bookcase going to be wall mounted/built-in or free-standing, what is the finish going to be? The whole idea of having a custom piece of cabinetry built is that it should be built with harmony to existing décor. Upon completion of the site visit and approval of the estimate, work may begin on your custom unit. Depending on the type of materials selected, solid woods vs sheet goods work may begin immediately (schedule permitting) or may not start for several weeks as the solid woods acclimate in our shop. Acclimation of solid woods is a critical part of the fabrication process; it reduces the chance of severe shrinkage in the winter months or swelling of wood during high humidity seasons. If your custom project requires several months to fabricate, we will usually send progress photos.

Each project that NHA undertakes is completed with the utmost care and attention, drawing on skills developed in over forty- three years of woodworking. Once your project has been carefully built and finished, we will deliver it to your home and complete the installation. Your custom piece is now ready to enjoy for years to come.

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